Episode 164: ‘The Purge,’ ‘The Internship,’ ‘Sightseers,’ and more

0:00-4:00 – Introduction; Jeff has a cold; his drink sponsor
4:00-6:10 – Our lunch sponsor: Jones T-Shirts
6:10-8:15 – iTunes review
8:15-16:10 – “The Purge” review
16:10-24:50 – “The Internship” review
24:50-31:40 – “The Kings of Summer” review
31:40-38:40 – “Sightseers” review
38:40-47:15 – “Violet & Daisy” review
47:15-1:03:40 – QOTW (duo you’d like to see reunited)
1:03:40-1:06:15 – Summer box office challenge update
1:06:15-1:08:50 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

Our lunch sponsor this week: Jones T-Shirts, seller of blank T-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc., to put logos and stuff on. Super cheap (not the bad kind of cheap).

QOTW: Which movie’s cast of characters would you want to be with when the Apocalypse happens?

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