Episode 163: ‘After Earth,’ ‘Now You See Me,’ ‘Stories We Tell,’ and more

0:00-2:40 – Introduction; Jeff’s drink sponsor
2:40-4:15 – Our lunch sponsor: The 5Cast Podcast
4:15-5:50 – iTunes review
5:50-18:30 – “After Earth” review
18:30-29:20 – “Now You See Me” review
29:20-36:45 – “Stories We Tell” documentary
36:45-41:00 – Update on the summer box office challenge
41:00-52:00 – QOTW (favorite child performance)
52:00-59:40 – Character Casserole (Carrie Bradshaw, the Scorpion King, Angelina Jolie from “Wanted”)
59:40-1:04:00 – Where to find us online this week; wrap-up and goodbyes

Our lunch sponsor this week: The 5Cast Podcast, which is a podcast that isn’t this one but is another one (?)

QOTW: What duo who has worked together before would you like to see in another movie?

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One thought to “Episode 163: ‘After Earth,’ ‘Now You See Me,’ ‘Stories We Tell,’ and more”

  1. The duo that has worked together in the past that I would love to see in another movie is Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in a buddy cop movie from the 90’s.

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