Episode 162: ‘The Hangover Part III,’ ‘Furious 6,’ ‘Frances Ha,’ and more

0:00-3:50 – Introduction; Jeff’s drink sponsor; iTunes review
3:50-17:15 – “The Hangover Part III” review
17:15-31:15 – “Furious 6” review
31:15-34:50 – We didn’t see “Epic,” but Jeff almost took Dylan
34:50-46:45 – “Frances Ha” review
46:45-52:35 – QOTW (movies that could have used car chases)
52:35-55:00 – Update on the summer box office challenge
55:00-59:10 – Where to find us online; wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What’s your favorite child performance in a movie?

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