Episode 161: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and more

0:00-2:20 – Introduction; shout-out to our friends in Cannes
2:20-4:15 – iTunes review, and pointers on old-timey voice
4:15-18:55 – “Star Trek Into Darkness” review; baby Dylan arrives near the end of this part
18:55-27:40 – “At Any Price” review
27:40-35:25 – “The Ice Man” review
35:25-36:30 – An interlude with Dylan; “once you have children you’ll understand”
36:30-45:10 – QOTW (who should play a villain)
45:10-47:30 – Update on the summer box office challenge; the “Fast & Furious” franchise
47:30-53:20 – Pitch Me (Reese Witherspoon, Elaine Stritch, black comedy)
53:20-54:50 – A few words on the pre-show “entertainment” at Regal Cinemas
54:50-57:20 – Where to find us online; wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What movie could have used a car chase scene, and where would it have gone?

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