Episode 149: ‘Snitch,’ Oscars, and more

0:00-3:20 – Introduction; go vote for the TSR Awards
3:20-13:25 – “Snitch” review
13:25-15:15 – “Dark Skies” is a movie, but they wouldn’t show it to anyone
15:15-20:25 – Snider is at the Oxford (Miss.) Film Festival; Bayer is hosting a poker game in his absence
20:25-37:00 – Hey! The Oscars! What’s up with that?
37:00-45:20 – QOTW (what musician or athlete would you like to see get into acting)
45:20-49:10 – Wrap-up and goodbyes, including talk of dill (for some reason)

QOTW: How far have you ever driven to see a movie, what movie was it, and was it worth the drive?

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