Episode 134: ‘Skyfall’ and more – Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider

0:00-7:30 – Introduction; fun with noises; our history with James Bond
7:30-20:30 – “Skyfall” review
20:30-26:50 – “Smashed” review
26:50-33:50 – “The Comedy” review
33:50-44:05 – QOTW (What one decision would you make regarding the upcoming “Star Wars” sequels?)
44:05-50:00 – Interquel (“Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Knocked Up”)
50:00-53:05 – iTunes reviews; buy us lunch; next week’s QOTW
53:05-54:30 – Bayer and his new baby watched a movie together; wrap-up and goodbyes
54:30-58:05 – Randy Newman’s Title Song from “Skyfall”

QOTW: What type of movie do you tend to automatically avoid?

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