Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Episode 130: ‘Argo,’ ‘Seven Psychopaths,’ and more

0:00-3:10 – Introduction; Snider recorded a folk song about Joe Biden that you can hear at the end of the show
3:10-14:50 – “Argo” review
14:50-23:00 – “Here Comes the Boom” review
23:00-32:20 – “Seven Psychopaths” review
32:20-43:15 – “Sinister” review
43:15-53:00 – “The Paperboy” review
53:00-1:02:20 – QOTW (what little-known historical event should get the big-screen treatment)
1:02:20-1:03:05 – We’re on Stitcher now
1:03:05-1:10:25 – Pitch Me (Casey Affleck, Kirk Cameron, sci-fi comedy)
1:10:25-1:11:40 – More talk of what Stitcher might be
1:11:40-1:13:35 – Wrap-up
1:13:35-1:15:20 – Lunch sponsor: Michael Matula, author of “Try Not to Burn,” a novel about three strangers who must join forces to escape from Hell.
1:15:20-1:17:05 – “Big Joe Biden”

QOTW: If you could make a new Hollywood rule — “No more _____!” — what would it be?

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