Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Cannes Film Festival Episode 4: ‘Lawless,’ ‘Antiviral,’ and more

0:00-1:35 – Introduction; fun is tiring; Snider has been getting up early a lot lately
1:35-13:20 – “Lawless” review
13:20-21:30 – “Antiviral” review
21:30-27:15 – Some fascinating French characters, including: Jacques De Bono, line cutter; dawdling theater exiters; people who text and/or sleep
27:15-31:25 – Bayer’s encounters with Jessica Chastain and Matthew Lillard (one of those might be imaginary); Snider’s encounters with Shia LaBeouf and fellow “Lawless” cast members
31:25-34:35 – The “Moonrise Kingdom” press conference
34:35-38:45 – Everyone in France smokes; nobody drinks water; quirks of French restaurants and stereotypes
38:45-42:10 – Have Bayer and Snider discovered anything unusual about each other while traveling together?
42:10-47:00 – Plans for tomorrow; Cannes is all about directors; wrap-up and goodbyes

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