Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Episode 106: ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ and more

0:00-2:00 – Introduction
2:00-12:40 – “The Cabin in the Woods” review (totally spoiler-free), including a tangent about “Red Dawn,” for some reason
12:40-23:00 – “Bully” review
23:00-32:55 – “The Three Stooges” review
32:55-36:35 – “Blue Like Jazz” review
36:35-50:35 – QOTW (what movie was spoiled for you before you saw it)
50:35-51:50 – Next week’s QOTW
51:50-57:50 – Interquel (“The Shining” and “The Wizard of Oz”)
57:50-59:10 – Rich sponsored our lunch; you can do the same; also maybe write an iTunes review if you want to
59:10-1:03:25 – Bayer played ping pong, and then talked about it for some reason
1:03:25-1:05:00 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: Enough with the monkeys, dogs, and horses — what animal has not yet been the focus of enough movies?

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