Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Episode 104: ‘Mirror Mirror’ and more

0:00-4:05 – Introduction; why we didn’t see “Wrath of the Titans”
4:05-16:20 – “Mirror Mirror” review
16:20-24:00 – QOTW (what overlooked fairy tale should they make a movie out of)
24:00-25:55 – Next week’s QOTW
25:55-34:25 – “The Raid” review
34:25-37:00 – “Undefeated” review (Bayer only)
37:00-45:05 – Character Casserole (Scotty, Sheriff of Nottingham, Rain Man)
45:05-47:10 – This week’s lunch sponsor: Brock Dittus and The Sprocket Podcast
47:10-48:40 – iTunes reviews
48:40-51:15 – Update on the Kickstarter rewards
51:15-55:10 – Bayer wants to talk about more things; Snider doesn’t; “Anchorman 2” wagers
55:10-56:30 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: In honor of “American Reunion,” what other movie from 1999 would you like to see a sequel to or reunion of? (Here’s a handy list of 1999 movies.)

Our lunch sponsor: The Sprocket Podcast

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2 thoughts to “Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Episode 104: ‘Mirror Mirror’ and more”

  1. I believe I read one of the Exec Produser of The Raid saying that the main reason Sony had to add that subtitle because they couldn’t get the clearance for simple title “The Raid” due to the same titled movie back in the 50’s owned by Fox.

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