Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Episode 96: ‘Chronicle’ and more

0:00-2:20 – Introduction; Bayer and Snider as Calvin and Hobbes
2:20-15:15 – “Chronicle” review
15:15-15:45 – Bayer’s mom is in town
15:45-24:40 – “The Woman in Black” review
24:40-32:10 – “The Innkeepers” review, during which Movie B.S. becomes a horror movie too
32:10-37:10 – “Big Miracle” review (from Bayer only, because Snider didn’t see it because he was at a major film festival like some kind of big-shot)
37:10-40:05 – The QOTW for next week: What’s your most romantic movie-watching experience?
40:05-49:05 – Interquel (“The Adjustment Bureau” and “500 Days of Summer”)
49:05-50:25 – iTunes reviews
50:25-52:55 – What if we went to the Cannes Film Festival?
52:55-53:48 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What’s your most romantic movie-watching experience?

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