Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Episode 87: ‘The Muppets’ and more

Introduction (our first post-Cascadia show; our “studio” is Eric’s apartment) – 0:00
“The Muppets” review – 1:45
“Arthur Christmas” review – 13:08
“Hugo” review – 18:35
“The Descendants” review – 27:00
“Melancholia” review – 35:30
“Being Elmo” review – 44:45
“The Lie” review – 50:00
Pitch Me (Woody Allen, Jessica Lange, horror comedy) – 53:00
Wrap-up and goodbyes – 58:30

Your QOTW for next time: What is your favorite movie that takes place entirely in one day?

NOTES: Here are the links to our written reviews of “The Muppets” (Bayer, Snider); “Arthur Christmas” (Bayer, Snider); “Hugo” (Bayer); “The Descendants” (Bayer, Snider); “Being Elmo” (Bayer); “The Lie” (Snider).

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  1. I am a huge fan of touching woody. Tell your friends

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