Episode 71: ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes,’ ‘The Change-Up,’ ‘Another Earth,’ ‘Tabloid,’ Pitch Me

Jeff Bayer and Eric D. Snider do what they were born to do … and then they talk about movies. This week it’s the prequel “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Snider liked it and Bayer did as well. Then they discuss the QOTW: What other film should have a prequel? After that it’s on to discussing the absolutely filthy, and sometimes very funny “The Change-Up” starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. Two independent films made it to Portland this week, “Another Earth,” which both of them saw, and “Tabloid” which Snider saw. This week’s game of Pitch Me stars David Spade and Mark Wahlberg. Finally, here’s your new Question of the Week …

QOTW: In honor of “The Help” – which tells the story of black maids in segregated Mississippi, what other groups’ historical stories should be told.

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