Episode 54: ‘Hanna,’ ‘Arthur,’ ‘Soul Surfer,’ ‘Your Highness,’ Mike Russell, Matt Patches, Pitch Me

On this week’s very special edition of Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider, Jeff Bayer is in Africa, doing goodness knows what, but do not fear! He and Eric D. Snider pre-taped some stuff before he left, so the show still has your recommended daily allowance of Bayer. They both liked “Hanna” pretty well. In the studio, Mike Russell (@culturepulp on Twitter) and Snider agreed that “Arthur” is passable but nothing special. Via Skype, Matt Patches (@misterpatches) told us about “Soul Surfer,” and he and Snider expressed their disappointment in “Your Highness.” Then: pre-taped Pitch Me, with Henry Winkler and Natalie Portman! And all was well in the land.

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