Episode 31: ‘Saw 3D,’ Halloween movie marathons, Character Casserole

It’s a special spooky edition of Movie B.S., in honor of the holy holiday this weekend. Bayer and Snider talk about “Saw 3D,” the only new wide release this weekend. And since Bayer hadn’t seen any Saws before, they watched the first one,too, in preparation. Lots of good ideas from listeners for Halloween movie marathons in QOTW. And we wrapped the Halloween-ish tale of the half guy who scared people in Utah. Next QOTW: Tell us two actors who have not done a movie together who totally should. Email moviebspdx@gmail.com.

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One thought to “Episode 31: ‘Saw 3D,’ Halloween movie marathons, Character Casserole”

  1. Thank you Eric for correcting Jeff that my name is “Susan” and NOT “Suzanne”. Thanks for mentioning my movie suggestions over the interwebs, even though I got chewed out by Jeff for liking Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. I stand by my choice.

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