Episode 28: ‘Secretariat,’ ‘My Soul to Take,’ ‘Life As We Know It,’ ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story,’ ‘Never Let Me Go,’ ‘Waiting for Superman’

It’s another show jam-packed with movies, so many of them that a time limit must be enforced. “Secretariat” gets a big ol’ “meh” from Bayer and Snider; “My Soul to Take” is one of the worst, most bafflingly bad horror films they’ve seen in a while; “Life As We Know It,” despite its premise, isn’t awful, but ‘taint good neither; “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” is a fairly good comedy about depressed teenagers; “Never Let Me Go” is faithful to its source material, especially in conveying the emotions of it; and “Waiting for Superman” is a somewhat dry but important documentary about our crappy, crappy schools. There’s also talk of people’s favorite ball-free sports movies — lots of boxing, running, and kicking. Next QOTW: In honor of “Jackass 3D,” tell us about some dumb jackass-style stuff you’ve done in your own live. E-mail us at moviebspdx@gmail.com.

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