Episode 25: ‘The Town,’ ‘Easy A,’ ‘Devil,’ ‘I’m Still Here,’ Interquel

In this week’s edition of Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider it is revealed that Ben Affleck is a good director and actor and we shouldn’t make fun of him anymore. “The Town” is solid cops-and-robbers fun! Also fun is “Easy A,” a teen satire, though Bayer and Snider differed on just how much fun it is. They agreed that “Devil” — not screened for critics, so they had to catch it at midnight Thursday night, like chumps — isn’t worth your time. There was further discussion of Joaquin Phoenix’s “I’m Still Here,” recently revealed as a performance rather than a documentary, and the boys played a rousing, perhaps doomed game of Interquel involving “Outbreak” and “Spider-Man.” Send your comments, suggestions, and sacrificial offerings to moviebspdx@gmail.com.

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One thought to “Episode 25: ‘The Town,’ ‘Easy A,’ ‘Devil,’ ‘I’m Still Here,’ Interquel”

  1. I was listening to the show and I just thought I’d share this tidbit – (thanks to IMDb) Joaquin Phoenix was actually born with the name “Joaquin Rafael Phoenix” and he decided when he was 4 that he wanted a name more like his siblings, and decided on Leaf. He started going by his birth name Joaquin in the early 90s. 1995’s
    “To Die For” was the first movie he was credited as Joaquin Phoenix. I don’t think he ever actually legally changed his name, he just used the alias for a time.

    I love bits of trivia like that.

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