Episode 21: ‘Piranha 3D,’ ‘The Switch,’ ‘Vampires Suck,’ Interquel

It’s our 21st episode, so that means we can finally drink during the show! There are five films in wide release and Bayer and Snider didn’t have time to see them all. ‘Piranha 3D’ is going to cost you, but it’s pretty good campy fun if you’re in the mood for blood and boobs. ‘The Switch’ is not as awful as it sounds, thanks mainly to Jason Bateman. Snider saw ‘Vampires Suck’ and believes they stole a joke from his illustrious catalogue. ‘Nanny McPhee Returns’ and ‘Lottery Ticket’ were not watched. Deal with it. Interquel makes a comeback with ‘Hoosiers’ and ‘Fight Club.’ And the boys answer the QOTW and give you a new one … “What is your scariest movie scene?” The movie itself doesn’t have to be scary, just the moment. Email your answers to moviebspdx@gmail.com.

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One thought to “Episode 21: ‘Piranha 3D,’ ‘The Switch,’ ‘Vampires Suck,’ Interquel”

  1. Just FYI – “Party Down” is no longer available for instant viewing on Netflix. You can still get the DVDs, though – and it’s worth it.

    I thought once something was in the Watch Instantly section, it stayed there. I discovered that I was wrong when I was ready to watch “Primer” – previously saved in my instant queue. Same thing when I when I tried to watch “Party Down” again.

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