Movie B.S. – Episode 8

Welcome to the season finale of Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider. In this week’s show the two agree that “MacGruber” is not, in fact, the waste of time you think it is. It’s pretty dang funny. They disagree on “Shrek Forever After” or “Shrek The Final Chapter” or whatever it’s called and give quick reviews for “The Square,” “Mother and Child” and “The Human Centipede. The two attempt to fix last week’s debacle of “Pitch Me” with help from the viewers and in a season finale twist no one say coming, the show has a mortal enemy. Stay tuned for next week as Season Two begins at the exact same time, and the exact same place. Email questions to

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  1. Fixed – sorry about that. The audio was posted prematurely under the wrong file name. Should be fixed now.

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