Episode 53: ‘Source Code,’ ‘Insidious,’ ‘Hop,’ ‘Win Win’

Things are about to get all emotional up in here as Movie B.S. with
Bayer and Snider celebrates their one-year anniversary! They decide to
break from the norm, and for a change this week they’ll be reviewing
movies. First up is “Source Code,” which both of them decidedly gave
good Gyllenhaal. Next up, Eric saw the horror flick “Insidious” and
Bayer did not. But don’t worry, they both sat through “Hop” so you
don’t have to. Finally, Portland got “Win Win” starring Paul Giamatti,
so the boys talk about it. Plus, there were tons of great responses
for the QOTW “What was your best movie moment that you would want to
relive?” This week’s QOTW is to win a copy of “TRON: Legacy” and it’s
a bit of trivia … what episode to the current Movie B.S. theme song
Send your answers to one of the following. Bayer is off to Africa
(seriously) but don’t worry, there is a new show next week. That’s
just the power of the internet!
email – moviebspdx@gmail.com
facebook – facebook.com/moviebspdx
twitter – @moviebs

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