Episode 370: ‘Annabelle: Creation,’ ‘Wind River,’ ‘Step’

0:00 – Hello, the pronunciation of “niche,” and an iTunes review
3:45 – We have three movies to review, none of which were seen by both of us, and none of which are called “Maximum Impact”
5:20 – “Annabelle: Creation” review (Snider only)
10:05 – “Wind River” review (Bayer only)
14:45 – “Step” review (Snider only)
19:40 – A word from our sponsor
20:25 – Summer Box Office Challenge update: a winner is officially declared
25:10 – This week’s DVDs, and a copy of “The Lovers” for ANY listener who wants it
27:30 – Recap and good day

Annabelle: Creation: C+ n/a
Wind River: n/a 7/10
Step: B+ n/a

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