Episode 284: ‘SPECTRE,’ ‘Suffragette,’ ‘Miss You Already,’ Character Casserole

0:00 – Hello; we’re not doing celebrity gossip; write us an iTunes review, why don’t you?
2:20 – “SPECTRE” review
14:30 – “Suffragette” review
21:30 – “Miss You Already” review (Bayer only)
24:25 – We didn’t see the Peanuts movie because the screening was on a Sunday, WTF?
25:00 – QOTW (comic strips that should be made into movies)
35:30 – A round of Character Casserole (Rambo, the Sundance Kid, and Alan from “The Hangover”)
46:10 – Next week’s QOTW
47:10 – What’d You Watch? (“The Talented Mr. Ripley”)
50:30 – Recap and goodbye
51:50 – An outtake we cut out because we were sort of embarrassed (though not very, obviously)

QOTW: Please give us suggestions for future Questions of the Week, in particular ones relating to the upcoming holidays.

SPECTRE: C+ 7/10
Suffragette: B- 8/10
Miss You Already: n/a 5/10

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One thought to “Episode 284: ‘SPECTRE,’ ‘Suffragette,’ ‘Miss You Already,’ Character Casserole”

  1. It’s so true that war is the only language men listen to. That’s why engineers and mechanics and coal miners and every other male dominated field do all their communication through paintball skirmishes. I’ve seen it, there’s no communication off the battlefield at all.

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